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Helsport Ringstind Superlight 1

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Ringstind Superlight 1

This tent has always been dedicated to reducing weight. Every part of the design has been considered with that in mind. This year we added another challenge: to improve the usability of the tent so that it is not only light, but also easier to pitch and more comfortable to use. The pole configuration has been changed to increase internal volume without making the tent any longer. It also takes half as long to pitch - we know, because we timed it! The new Ringstind Superlight 1 is a compact, yet comfortable and functional tent that is easy to pitch yet surprisingly stable in windy conditions. The best part is that we’ve been able to add all these details and extra features and yet reduce the weight even further.

Tent pole weight (g):210
Tent pole stiffness:210
Water column outer tent (mm):2000
Net weight (kg):1.04
Net volume (l):39
Tent vestibules:1
Tent persons:1
Pole segment length (cm):36
Tent pegs weight (g):100
Tent water column ground sheet (mm):3000

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