Winnerwell Feuerschale XL

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XL-sized Flat Firepit

Winnerwell® Flat Firepit is a truly unique, sturdy, compact and portable fireplace in one-touch design for quick assembling and storage.
A variety of cooking and grilling accessories can be used on top of Winnerwell® specially-designed Triangular Grates (the grates are sold separately).
Paired with the base stand, folds completely flat for easy storage, transportation and clean-up without any loose parts.

Stowed Dimension 910(L) x 495(W) x 40(H) mm
Assembly Dimension 578(L) x 578(W) x 312(H) mm
Material AISI304
Net Weight 8.26kg
Load Bearing 15kg
Contain 1x Firepit and 1x Base Stand

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