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Slingfin CrossBow 2 Mesh

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The CrossBow Mesh is our spacious, super strong 2-person freestanding tent. If you’re looking for a little bit of extra space or want the security of knowing that your tent can handle a huge range of heinous conditions, the CrossBow is your go-to. Its strength-to-weight ratio is off the charts thanks to our patented WebTruss, which holds the pole structure in tension. Sewn along the fabric’s straight grain to eliminate stretch, the WebTruss provides stability to the pole structure and can be tensioned to further lock down the poles. It also allows the CrossBow to be pitched easily in high winds. Unlike pole sleeves, which can lead to pole breakage when the tent is pitched in windy conditions, the WebTruss allows the poles to be set up fully and staked down before the tent body is clipped to the poles. This system provides much more strength than traditional clip-style tents. With internal guyline compatibility and our OutRigger attachment, the CrossBow can be further strengthened against harsh winds or snow loading using the included guylines and your own trekking poles.

The poles, WebTruss, and fly are compatible with the CrossBow Four-Season body, which is available separately. The addition of the Four-Season body turns your CrossBow into a one tent quiver, capable of handling even harsh alpine conditions. You can add a flat footprint to protect the tent’s floor, or use the tub footprint to pitch the tent without a body in bug-free conditions for a lightweight weather shelter.

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